The Spiva Lewis Law Group Is Proud to Announce Our New Team Members and Promotions

  • Maggie Doberstein has rejoined the firm as our lead team member on our customer Service and concierge team to insure all our clients receive VIP treatment. Maggie is currently enrolled in law school. Maggie will also serve as Program and Event Manager for The Justice For Children Foundation*
  • Attorney Mary Hashemi, has joined the firm to work on our law team.
  • Sandy Henry has changed her status from “temporary services” to a front office coordinator.
  • Michelitza Melendez has joined our Client and Customer service team.
  • Jen Maceyko who joined the firm earlier this year as an administrative clerk, will also now serve as Program and Event Planner for The Justice For Children Foundation*. Jen is currently enrolled in paralegal school.
  • Kaitlyn Sayne, Attorney (Tenn Only) has joined the firm to work on our law team.

Congratulations to:

  • Attorney Katherine Lewis for passing the Georgia Bar and joining her father, George Lewis, at the SPIVA LEWIS Law Firm.
  • Maggie Doberstein for completing her first semester of studies at Savannah Law School
  • Howard “Gene” Spiva II for completing his first semester of studies at Walter F. George School of Law.

Our Super Team

  • George Lewis, Attorney
  • Howard Spiva, Attorney
  • C. Clay Davis, Attorney
  • Peter Ruden, Attorney (NY only)
  • Christie Register, Attorney, RN. (Of Counsel)
  • Katherine Lewis, Attorney
  • Mary Hashemi, Atorney
  • Kaitlyn Sayne, Attorney (Tenn Only)


  • Andres Arroyave, Senior Litigation Paralegal
  • Ed Spiva, Investigator
  • Lisa Loyd, Paralegal
  • Howard “Gene” Spiva II, Paralegal
  • Trene Reynolds Harris, Legal Secretary
  • Maggie Doberstein customer Service and concierge team leader and Charity Manager
  • Sandy Henry, Office Coordinator
  • Michelitza Melendez. Legal secretary
  • Jen Maceyko, Clerical and Charity event manager
  • Kelly Spiva, General Manager and VP of Finance
  • Rosetta Daniel, Accountant
  • Krystal Brown, Management Assistant

Service Strength Results.

Watch for our other new team members coming in January in 2016.

* The Justice for Children foundation, Inc. is a charitable organization dedicated to preventing children’s brain injuries by giving away free helmets to kids.