Our office handles injury claims only. Our primary concentration is on claims involving catastrophic, serious personal injury and wrongful death, with additional focus on premise liability claims; including slip and fall, and inadequate security. Below are some successes that we have had on these types of cases:

Jury Verdicts & Recoveries

$55 Million Shaken Baby Brain Injury
$6.5 Million DUI Hospital
$4 Million Construction Injury Front End Loader
$3.2 Million Products Liability Defective Jack
$2.3 Million Job Injury Crushed Arms
$1.4 Million Defective Construction Death
$1.4 Million Carnival Injury (structure) Brain Injury
$1.3 Million Premises Injury (structure) Closed head injury
Judgement $1.15 million ($900,000.00 jury verdict and $253,036.45 pre-judgement interest). Slip and fall in Kmart. Torn rotator cuff and head injury. $30,328.03 in medical bills.
Judgement $1,097,990.89. ($742,000 jury verdict plus pre-judgement interest). Car Wreck $3,670.00 in medical bills.
$900,000 Defective Handrail Closed Head Injury
$600,000 in addition to worker's compensation recovery
Chemical exposure
$350,000.00 Falling Merchandise Rotator cuff
$330,000 Car Wreck Broken Leg
(policy limits)
Child "Dart Out" Case Mild Closed Head Injury
$201,000.00 Slip and Fall A stool was pulled our from under a client as a practical joke (coccyx injury). $24,913.00 in medical bills.
$195,000.00 Fall on landscaping rocks broken ankle
$165,000.00 Slip and Fall Slip and Fall in Walmart parking lot. Leg fracture.
$160,000.00 Slip and fall Slip and fall in Walmart with hip fracture. $33,446 medical.
$150,000 Car Wreck Shoulder Injury, No Surgery
$115,000.00 Slip and Fall Slip and Fall in Bi-Lo. Torn rotator cuff, no lost wages. $18,000.00 in medical bills.
$75,000.00 Slip and Fall broken Ankle 72 year old
$55,000.00 Slip and Fall Chair "tip over" in Morrisons. Aggravation to back injury.
$50,000.00 Personal Injury Chemical burns received from cleaning fluid left on toilet seat. $3,856.80 in medical bills.
$40,000.00 Slip and Fall Slip and Fall in Walmart bathroom. Aggravation to a TMJ injury and sprained ankle.
$39,000.00 Slip and Fall Slip and Fall in Krystal, $6,000 in medical bills.
N/A Chemical Injury Six (6) "confidential" settlements for chemical exposure.

Actual Recoveries

  • $9.64 million against a reckless fork lift operator
  • $3 million against speeding driver on a cell phone
  • $1.7 Million against a reckless front end operator
  • $1 million policy limits against a tractor trailer driver w/ bad record
  • $1 million policy limits against tractor trailer driver (not qualified)
  • $960,000 against a drunk driver
  • $900,000 against a drunk driver
  • $500,000 policy limits against reckless driver who ran off the road
  • $100,000 policy limits against a careless driver
  • $100,000 policy limits against a negligent driver
  • $100,000 policy limits against a driver speeding in a cross walk
  • In the last year, we also obtained 35 additional policy limits verdicts or recoveries ranging from $25,000 to $100,000.00.

Other Cases of Interest

$90,000.00 Neglect Claim of neglect entrustment of firearm. Client shot himself in the leg.
$95,000.00, in addition to workers' compensation. Slip and Fall On the job fall, recovery against 3rd party construction company.
$34,000.00 Slip and Fall Fall at a hospital on an ice cube.
$600,000.00 in addition to workers' compensation recovery.
Chemical exposure.
$80,000.00 Car Wreck Car Wreck--rear-ended by tractor trailer. Torn ligaments in wrist. Medical bills, $18,000.00.

Our office has also had success recovering "confidential settlements" against automobile and tire manufacturers and manufacturers of medical products.

New Law

Our office has successfully changed the law in Georgia through a Georgia Supreme Court Appeal. Now in Georgia, if you are in a wreck with a farm tractor or similar vehicle, your uninsured motorist coverage may have to pay. This is a terrific victory for the citizens of Georgia.

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