Saving Lives Through the Justice 4 Children Foundation

As a personal injury lawyer with more than 30 years of experience helping people, Howard Spiva came to a disheartening realization one day. He and his sister were looking at photos of young clients whose families he had helped over the years. They suddenly realized that all the children had suffered brain injuries in car accidents, and all of the injuries could have been prevented.
From that day forward, Spiva vowed to do more than serve as a legal advocate. He launched the Justice for Children Foundation and the Heads in Helmets campaign, aimed at saving young lives from the devastation of traumatic brain injuries. Since 1999, Howard and the Spiva Law Group have given away tens of thousands of helmets for children to wear while in car seats to protect them from potential brain injuries in crashes.

The Spiva Law Group believes that all parents should be able to afford safety helmets for their children. As part of the firm’s nationwide safety campaign, parents can simply sign up with the Justice for Children Foundation for free helmets for their children. The 501(c)(3) private foundation gives children brand-new helmets and has them fitted to the children’s heads for the best protection — at no charge.

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Each year, the children receive a birthday card with their helmeted picture on it, and a reminder to come and get their new helmet – absolutely free. Each month, kids get a newsletter with safety-oriented puzzles, games, tips, and information about upcoming helmet giveaways and other events supported by the Heads in Helmets campaign.

The Heads in Helmets Campaign

Howard Spiva doesn’t want a mandate requiring children to wear helmets in car seats. He wants it to happen because he knows it’s the right thing to do to protect children. He wants parents to insist upon it because it will protect their children from potentially debilitating head injuries.

“My goal is to never have another traumatic brain injury case for a child for the rest of my career,” Spiva says.

Spiva appears at many Savannah area events and on any TV or radio shows to deliver a simple message: Children’s head injuries are not accidents, and wearing a helmet will prevent them from happening.

Spiva says children most often suffer brain injuries by hitting their heads during car accidents.

In a typical scenario, the vehicle’s front seat collapses under the impact of the crash, and a parent in the seat falls backward. Meanwhile, a child in a car seat has been pushed forward by the impact of the collision, and the child smacks his or her forehead on the back of the parent’s head, causing a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

A bump, blow, or jolt to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain is a traumatic brain injury. A severe TBI can permanently damage a child’s cognitive and motor functions, as well as hearing, vision, tactile sensations, and emotional stability. Even a mild TBI can permanently alter a child’s life, Spiva says.

The answer, Spiva says, is for children to wear helmets whenever they are in a car, especially while young enough to be in a car seat.

With an unwavering commitment to child safety, Spiva has expanded his Heads in Helmets campaign by enlisting the help of fellow personal injury attorneys in other states. These partner firms also give away helmets to children ─ always free of charge.

Making Helmets Cool for Kids

Spiva wants children to think it’s cool to wear a helmet, just like race car divers, motocross riders, police offices, soldiers, astronauts, and other heroes. “We ask children, ‘Do you want to be a karate kid or a race car driver today?'” he says.

Since the first bicycle helmet laws were passed in the late 1980s, few people have questioned the idea of making sure their child wears a bicycle helmet, Spiva says. Helmets are required by law for kids up to age 16 in Georgia, and there are similar laws in most other states.

Researchers say bicycle helmets reduced overall head injuries by about 60 percent and reduced fatalities by about 73 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Kids wear helmets while on bikes, skateboards, and motorcycles, while playing football and baseball, and while sparring in martial arts, Spiva says. They should also wear helmets while riding in automobiles.

Get Your Child a Free Helmet

Spiva and the Justice for Children Foundation buy bicycle helmets in bulk, and we would love for your child to have one.

We often give helmets to police to pass out whenever they see children on bikes, skateboards, or otherwise playing without proper head protection. Meanwhile, Justice for Children and the Heads in Helmets campaign take part in local festivals, health fairs, parades, and other events for children. Spiva and his team also visit schools and churches to promote safe and healthy kids through Heads in Helmets.

Need a Speaker for Your Community Group? Call on Howard Spiva!

In addition to more than 30 years of experience as an attorney, Howard Spiva is a seasoned radio show and podcast host and guest, as well as the author of “Winning Your Case – 21 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring a Lawyer.” He also regularly speaks with community groups about a wide range of topics, including:

  • Auto Insurance in Georgia: What is full coverage? How do you select coverage to protect your family? (1-hour presentation)
  • Estate Planning: Wills vs. Trusts. (30-minute and 1-hour presentations)
  • Georgia Worker’s Compensation Law. (1-hour presentation)
  • Lawsuits in America: Is the system broke? (30-minute and 1-hour presentations)
  • Careers in the Legal field: For love or money? (A primer for high school and college students, 1-hour and 2-hour presentations)
  • The Justice for Children Foundation: Children’s injuries are no accident. Preventing TBI injuries in children. (15-minute and 30-minute presentations)
  • Fundraisers for Your Charity, Organization, or Church. (30-minute and 1-hour presentations)
  • Building a Presence in Your City: 21 marketing and public relations tips. (1-hour and 2-hour presentations)
  • Marketing with Magic Magnets: The 8-year story of TOMA. (30-minute and 1-hour presentations)
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  • The B.E.S.T. School — Building Extraordinary Success Today!

Howard Spiva is available to talk about any of the topics above, as well as other legal and safety issues of interest to your audience. Contact Howard Spiva today about joining you for a lively and informative addition to your TV show, radio show, or presentation. Or start by watching past interviews with Spiva.