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Truck Safety


Trucking in the U.S.

Trucking is the largest portion of the U.S. transportation industry at 27%.

There are over 3 million truck drivers in the United States.

Many truckers have clocked over 1 million miles.

The average driver books 105,000 miles per year.

Current Truck Driver Shortage Statistics

Annual growth of trucking
agency is expected to be
3.4% until 2023.

If current trends continue, the trucking company will face a shortage of 175,000 drivers by 2024.

To meet rising demand, the trucking industry will need to hire
90,000 new truckers each year.

Reasons for the truck driver shortage:

  • High average age of existing drivers (55 years Old)
  • Lack of interest from millennial generation
  • Imbalance in workforce composition (5.8% women and 94.2% men)
  • Low pay
  • Long hours
  • Poor work conditions
  • Better employment alternatives
  • Increase in government regulations

Effects of truck driver shortage
on traffic safety

Inexperienced drivers

Unqualified drivers who otherwise wouldn't be hired

Hours-of-service violations

Pressure to make more deliveries more quickly

Increased use of perception-altering substances

Overloaded trucks