www.spivalaw.com What kind of compensation is possible for brain injury claim? (transcription from video)
The compensation (for brain injury) can be substantial, there are several things involved. What policy limits are available, what insurance is available or what assets of the person or the company that caused the injury, whether a car wreck or on the job injury, we hire experts to determine what the damages are and that's what we try to recover, because the purpose of the lawsuit is to make you whole from your harms and losses. Our law firm has recovered from numerous car wrecks for policy limits, 50 thousand, 100 thousand, 300 thousand, 500 thousand, a million. We've gotten a number of jury verdicts in the million dollar range. We've gotten recoveries as high as 9.6 million dollars for one gentleman who received a brain injury. In a shaken baby case, we received a 55 million dollar judgment. What you can expect to recover is dependent on the amount of insurance coverage, the severity of the injury, the severity of the damage, how much your medical bills are, what your lost wages are, and we work hard to get you the recovery that we can. We've recovered over 150 million for clients in similar injuries.
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