www.spivalaw.com How do you prove brain injury? (transcription from video) Traumatic brain injuries or TBI or closed head injuries are some of the most difficult cases to prove, because from a casual observer, they are not that obvious. If you don't know the person you can't always see a physical difference in the person. They're life changing life. They change people's personalities, they change their sleeping habits, they change their memory. When hiring a lawyer for traumatic injury or post head injury, it's very important that the lawyer understands the medicine. You need to ask them questions to see what their knowledge of understanding is. For example, do they speak to other lawyers at conferences. Ask if they have any text books of medicine in their office that involves traumatic brain injuries. Ask them is they've had any clients that have had the type of injuries you have. Ask them the type of results. Its' very important for the lawyer you hire to understand what your harms and losses are so that they can tell your story and get the best recovery that they can, either in the settlement from the insurance company or in front of a jury or judge. Something else that's very important and that is; in presenting your case, we have the burden of proof in proving that you're injured. Therefore we have to get the testimony from the treating physicians, many times you have to get psychological testing and many times you have to hire experts that can testify as to the extent of the brain injury and that can be very expensive. You should always ask an attorney are they prepared to spend 20, 30, 50 sometimes 75 or 100 thousand dollars on your case. That's very important, very important in building your case to choose your prosecutor. To schedule a free confidential consultation call attorney Howard Spiva at 800-920-2076