www.spivalaw.com Is there a difference in personal injury attorneys when seeking legal counsel for a catastrophic injury? (transcription from video) Yes, there's a pretty significant difference because you have to develop a case you have to have the resources with which to do that. A lot of people don't realize how much work goes into a personal injury case. It starts from the moment you contact your lawyer, the investigator goes out to the scene and collects evidence, pictures of the scene, street signs, skid marks. A lot of folks think the police do this at the accident and they generally don't unless it's a special case, even then, they don't always do a very thorough job. In addition to the initial investigation, we meet with the client, what all harms and issues they've suffered if they're able to work, if they've lost income, or loss their capacity to earn income, we gather medical records, talk to their doctors, if necessary hire experts to go out to the scene of the accident and reconstruct it and download the black boxes off the vehicles. Measure the crush on the cars, all of that has to do with liability and fault and extent of damages. Sometimes we hire medical experts that can testify about unique injuries, like traumatic brain injuries that require specialization. Something else that's done is proving the damages, sometimes you have to get a life care planner to show that because of your injuries you're going to have to take Tylenol twice a day for the rest of your life that can cost 1000's and 1000's of dollars over your lifetime. Not to mention if you have to have bandages, prosthetic legs, rehab or therapy. Also, to show what the value of those damages are, what it can cost over a lifetime, you might have to hire an economist. So there's a lot of work that goes on the case behind the scenes, obviously if someone's in a minor accident with soft tissue injury and needs a chiropractor it won't be as extensive as somebody with a traumatic brain injury, a spinal process involved or some other more significant injury, loss of limb, blindness, those type of things. For free confidential consultation call Attorney Howard Spiva at 800-920-2076 or go to www.spivalaw.com