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For 33 years, families in Georgia have turned to us and trusted us at the most critical times -- when they have been severely injured or there has been a death in the family. That is when people need our help the most. It is the reason we have limited our practice to serious personal injury and wrongful death claims.

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Waking up in the hospital they waited
for a while to tell me that... I lost my leg.
They're still trying to put the pieces
together for our family.

I met Howard and them up to the office
and the way they work together is awesome.

Nobody thinking that they're better than the next person and...
it's just like everybody in here family.
Not only did I gain lawyers, I gained family that day.

Without their guidance I would have never got any of this done, never.
Anybody that's been involved in anything that's
not their fault and they're seriously injured,
and need the legal help from somebody
that will really care about and go the extra mile...
I recommend them.