Savannah, Georgia attorney, Howard E. Spiva, has been putting helmets on kids and promoting safety for children since 1999. As an attorney since 1984, Howard saw too many preventable injuries to children and he and his family, along with his wife, brother and sister at the Spiva Law Group decided to step into action.

Together they formed The Justice for Children Foundation, Inc. and the “Heads in Helmets” give-away in 1999. “For 33 years in my law practice, I have seen the lifelong struggle of children who suffer with traumatic brain injuries and the devastating toll on their family – and I never want to see another child hurt or brain damaged in this way ever again!”

Most people do not realize how often a child in a car wreck ends up with a brain injury that lasts a lifetime. Too many times I have seen wrecks where no one else in the car was injured, yet a child received a traumatic brain injury.

The foundation teams up with community and business to host events and give away 1000’s of helmets each year. The organization partners with pediatricians, medical providers, and local businesses to give away helmet coupons and “prescriptions” that doctors can handout to parents so they will bring their children to the law firm to get a properly fitted helmet.

We Are On A QUEST to Reduce Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children by Bringing the “Helmets for LIFE” Program to Major Cities throughout the U.S. ~ Howard Spiva

One helmet can make all the difference in world.