www.spivalaw.com Can any personal injury attorney who handles car accidents handle a truck accident case? (transcription from video)
Unfortunately, not. They're really tough cases, substantially different than a car wreck. Evidence rules are different, the safety of the truck, the hiring, the training, all of those things are different in a regular car wreck. It can involve state law or federal law, whether or not the truck crossed state lines. It has to do with intra vs. inter-state. Insurance is different. They have minimal that they have to carry with insurance and all that varies on whether or not they cross state lines or if they haul agriculture or if they're logging or tanker trucks. Something that is very important is that these cases are very very heartedly defended by the insurance company. They often have rapid deployment teams, rapid response teams on the scene even before the emergency personnel leave, gathering evidence. You need a lawyer who is going to send them a spoliation letter, put them on notice that they can't destroy it. I could fill pages of a book on how different they are and how specialized it is that you need to know these laws. Unfortunately, not all lawyers understand trucking law. Hiring an attorney is an important decision and you need to choose well.
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