Spinal Injuries

Finding an experienced spinal cord injuries attorney in Georgia depends upon many factors. Most experienced personal injury lawyers who are adept at understanding human biology and anatomy, know that the human brain and spinal cord comprise the central nervous system. Excellent lawyers will readily tell you that is what controls bodily functions. Your spinal column begins approximately 15 to 17 inches from the base of the human brain to the waist-line.

The spine is composed of elongated nerve fibers. These elongated nerve fibers help you to carry nerve signals and messages back and forth from the brain.

These nerve fibers act like live feeds into your nerve roots. These are the roots that arise between the vertebra's and those 33 bones surrounding the human spinal cord, which happen to compose your backbone. In that area, your nerve fibers organize themselves into periphery nerves which branch out to the rest of the body structure.

Injuries to the Spine Can Cause Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries ("MTBI"), or Traumatic Brain Injury ("TBI")

Bullet wounds and knife wounds can also penetrate deeply into your spine and actually cut or sever your spinal column cord. Other damage remains hidden sometimes for weeks and even months. This could result in swelling, uncontrollable bleeding, inflammation and edema, aka fluid build up which concentrates in the spinal cord area. Nontraumatic spinal cord injury, can be from arthritis, bad blood vessels, profuse internal bleeding, inflammations, degenerative disk disease, and other pre-existing problems with your spine.

An experienced trial attorney will bring in expert witnesses to determine whether or not the cause of your spinal column injury is traumatic or nontraumatic. They will be able to determine the damaging effects to your nerve fibers which pass through the damaged area in your back that could be impairing some, or even all of your corresponding muscles and nerves at the area you were injured. Most spinal cord injuries happen in your neck (cervical areas) or your low back areas (aka thoracic and lumbar area). The thoracic/lumbar spine injuries usually disrupt and interrupt your leg movements, bowel movements, bladder control system, and ability to get an erection, or feel sexual pleasure. A serious cervical spine injury can disrupt your breathing as well as movements of your upper and lower limbs.

A seasoned personal injury attorney with extensive "spinal injury" experience will be able to tell your Traumatic Spine injury is a result of a sudden, serious, or traumatic blow to the spine -- which causes burst fractures, dislocations, a crush wound, or compression of the vertebrae in your back.

Finding the right lawyer is mandatory in a spinal cord injury case that was no fault of your own. This is because your spinal cord winds up in the lower border areas of your first vertebra in your lower back. This is called your lumbar vertebra. This means that injuries below that particular vertebra rarely affect the spinal cord at all. But injuries to this area of the back, or even pelvic thrust area can seriously damage roots in your nerves, causing loss of function in your lower body.

The most common causes of spinal cord injury in the United States for that matter include the following:

Car Crash Accident: Car, bike and motorcycle accidents make up the majority of all of spinal cord injuries in United States. These make up for about 50 percent of new spinal cord injuries each year in America.

Slip and Falls Claims: Spinal cord injuries that most commonly occur after age 65 are usually from slips or falls, such as those that occur at grocery stores in a puddle of slippery liquid.

Violent Confrontations: A large percentage of spinal injuries are caused by violent encounters. Most of those were from being shout by a bullet fired from a gun causing a gunshot wound.

Viruses and Disease: Diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and other infections regularly cause inflammation of the spine. These are a major cause of spine injuries. There is no precise number. However, there is evidence that this could be the same as or even more that the number of people with traumatic spinal cord injuries each year.

Sports and Recreational Activity Injuries: Roller coasters and recreational activities, or even athletic sports activities involving impact like football, diving into wading and shallow pool of water are responsible for approximately 9 percent of all spinal cord injuries in the U.S.


How to find experienced spinal cord injuries attorneys in Georgia and across the United States is a difficult and time consuming process. Not only must your legal counsel know the law, he must also know the human spine and causes of spinal cord damage to get a "fair" recovery for your case.

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