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It is important for anyone who has been injured or who has lost a loved one in a commercial truck accident to understand and protect their rights to proper insurance compensation. Commercial vehicles — including tractor-trailers, semis, dump trucks, tanker trucks, etc. — are typically owned by large corporations, known as “motor carriers.” These companies are notorious for acting quickly to stop significant insurance claims from moving forward.

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At the Spiva Law Group, our knowledgeable Savannah truck accident attorneys have decades of experience securing full and fair compensation for crash victims. We thoroughly investigate all types of truck accidents to identify every potentially liable party and build a strong case for maximum compensation. We are aggressive negotiators and respected litigators, earning a reputation for holding trucking firms and insurance companies accountable.

Schedule a free consultation with the team from Spiva Law Group today. During this initial meeting, we will discuss the details of your case and talk about how to file a truck accident claim. Our law firm does not charge any fees to start working on injury claims. In fact, you only pay us if and when we recover compensation for you.

7 Steps for Filing a Truck Accident Insurance Claim in Georgia

After an accident involving a commercial truck, injured victims often face expensive medical bills, loss of income, extensive damage to their vehicle, and ongoing pain and suffering. Georgia personal injury law allows people who have been harmed by another person or entity’s negligence to demand compensation for these losses. However, filing a truck accident injury claim is not a simple process.

Our dedicated Savannah truck wreck attorneys will walk you through the steps for filing a personal injury claim and discuss what you can do to protect your rights after a crash. At each step, it is vitally important that you never say or agree to anything that casts blame on you or downplays the extent of your injuries and other losses. The insurance company can and will use such statements against you.

After a serious semi truck crash, you and any other victims involved should:

  1. Seek immediate medical care. Emergency care after a truck accident should be your top priority. Call 911 and request emergency medical responders or, if emergency care is not necessary, see a doctor within 24 hours. Some serious injuries common to truck accidents, such as whiplash, do not cause symptoms right away. Seeing a doctor will ensure you are treated properly, and it will establish evidence of your injury(s) and the medical care you required. Follow all doctors’ orders, including attending follow-up appointments, and save all records and receipts.
  2. Report the accident. When you contact police through 911, a responding law enforcement officer will ask for basic information from you and the truck driver. The officer will document information about the crash in an accident report. Ask how and when you can get a copy of the report, and get one as soon as possible. (Our attorneys can obtain a copy of your accident report for you if you do not have it yet.)
  3. Gather information. If you can, take photos of the accident scene, including photos of the truck that show company names, locations, etc., and your vehicle and its damage. Take photos of any visible injuries. Get a name, address, phone number, and email address for any witnesses to the accident, including passengers in your vehicle. As soon as you can, write down what happened and draw a diagram to help show the position of the vehicles. You can use apps on your smartphone to help get this information. 
  4. Contact your insurance company. You must notify your insurance company about the accident. There are strict deadlines for notifying the insurance company, so do not put off taking action. Answer questions truthfully, but do not make accusations about what happened or why, and never accept blame. Also, do not agree to record a statement.
  5. Be wary of insurance adjusters and settlement offers. You will likely hear from an insurance adjuster soon after your accident. He or she may ask for information about your injuries and the crash. An adjuster may also offer you what looks like an attractive settlement check. Do not accept a truck accident settlement without having it reviewed by an attorney. Do not sign anything or cash any check. By cashing a check or signing a statement, you could close your claim and lose the right to the full compensation you deserve.
  6. Do not be deterred by a denial of your claim. It takes little for an insurance adjuster to say “no.” They do so to save money with confidence that most people will not fight back. But you have rights. If you did not cause the truck accident that injured you, a denial does not have to be the final word on your claim. An experienced Savannah truck accident attorney can review the circumstances of your accident and help you fight the denial.
  7. Get free legal advice about your truck accident claim. Our dedicated truck accident attorneys at the Spiva Law Group will meet with you for free to advise you of your rights and legal options after a crash. If you have received a settlement offer, we can review it. We can meet with you in our Savannah law office, at your home, in your hospital room, or wherever is convenient for you, with no charge and no further obligation from you.

Filing a personal injury claim after a truck accident is a complicated process, much more so than claims involving just property damage or even claims involving two passenger cars. You can be sure that the trucking company will have an army of attorneys on its side, so you shouldn’t risk trying to handle this on your own.

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Our law firm focuses on cases involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. We limit the number of cases we take so we can give our clients the personal attention they truly deserve. If we cannot take your case, we will help you explore other options, including referring you to other highly qualified Georgia truck accident attorneys whom we know and trust.

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