Children’s Injuries Are No Accident! The Mission

America’s Great Heads In Helmets Program ~ Preventing Children’s Brain Injuries

As an attorney since 1984, I focus my law practice on traumatic injuries.

We are on a QUEST to eliminate traumatic brain injuries to all children in America.

We plan to do this with your help.

This journey started in 1999, when as an attorney I came to believe and realize that All children’s injuries are preventable.

We founded the Justice For Children foundation. We began giving away tens of 1000s of helmets to families for free.

We believe in giving away helmets in Fun & interesting ways. In our fun events WE SHOW kids that helmets are cool.

We have balloons, clowns, celebrities, policemen, firemen, lost of fun!

This mission I am on is dedicated to honor my sister, Elaine who bravely fought and lost an 8 year battle with cancer in 2012. She co-founded The Justice For Children Foundation and this was her dream too.

Almost every risky activity that a child is involved in they wear head protection . Baseball, football, bicycles, skate boards, martial arts, hockey players, motorcycles, scooters, snow mobiles, (Even race car drivers and bull riders wear helmets). One activity that children do not commonly wear protective head gear is as a passenger in a car or a car safety seat.

Most people may not realize how often a child in a car wreck gets a Brain injury for life. Too many times I have seen wrecks where no one else in the car was injured, yet a child received a brain injury.

The saddest part is when a mother or father,in a car wreck, their seat collapses and the back of their head smashes the child’s small forehead in. If she only knew ahead of time… Well with our help she can prevent the injury and avoid the guilty she would face.

Rather mild, moderate or severe, a brain injury to a child is usually devastating to a family. We want America to know that children’s injuries are no accident.

We want kids to know that Helmets are cool!

Brain injuries produce lifelong disability from irreversible brain damage. Mols people may not realize:*

  • 1.7 million TBI occur each year.*
  • Children 0 to 19 have over 1/2 million Emergency room visits each year for brain injuries.*
  • Children aged 0 to 4 years have the highest rates of Brian injury-related emergency room, hospitalizations, and deaths combined.*
  • Car Wrecks are the leading cause of brain injury-related death.*
  • Over 6000 children die each year from brain injuries.*

Helmets are a proven intervention that reduce the risk of bicycle-related head injury by about 80 percent.*

I believe a helmet would also prevent or eliminate such injuries and deaths to children in cars as well.

Helmets for Life! We provide Helmets to Children for life.

My Quest will be accomplished by partnering up with attorneys in every city in America to give away helmets.

I know that our objective can be achieved!

Make it a great day!

Howard Spiva