Crabs in a Basket ~ just don’t let them in your daily life/basket.

Crabs in a Basket

Growing up on the Georgia coast, I have always loved to catch, cook and eat blue crabs.

I recall wondering as a child why you didn’t need a lid or top on a crab basket.

I quickly learned that if a crab tried to escape other crabs would grab it and pull it back in.

Sadly many people are like crabs.

If they see someone trying to better themselves or climb their way out of a situation; they try and pull that person down. This clearly is a metaphor since it is usually verbal and mental rather than physical.

It is a negative and jealous way of thinking “if I can’t have it, neither can you.

I have often have seen the same thing even with kids in school.

Instead of holding the hard working students in awe for their dedication and learning, many times other students ridicule and make fun of them.

Sadly this more often occurs in the worst of situations; often when the kids are in a tough home environments and bad lifestyle who would probably benefit the most from learning and improving their life skills.

This human behavior when people (both kids and adults) attack and criticize and minimize the importance of anyone who achieves success beyond others, rises out of envy, spite, jealousy, or competitive feelings, is contrary to common sense.

Its insane how people (cut off their nose to spite their face).

I see this same behavior in politics when people vote against their own self interest and often vote over one or two issues that are not even controlled by the political office. One example is a choice say of a Council person or Mayor who is only 1 of 9 votes and has no direct control over the issue.

My conclusion on this, get the “Crabs” out of your life, surround yourself with caring people who support and encourage you.

You can still be related and even love the crabs, (you don’t have to throw them back in the river) just don’t let them in your daily life/basket.

Make It A Great Day!!

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