Howard Spiva Cameras, Police, Prosecutors, Karate and Kids

Crime in Savannah. One lawyers opinion.

1. Bring back the elite police squad in the yellow shirts and take down the gangs and repeat criminals. They got repeat criminals off the street. The department ditched this 2 police chiefs ago.

2. Put cameras everywhere and Defeat the defense of “it wasn’t me”.

We have cameras on our personal properties and have successfully used them on crimes at my home, commercial properties, residential rentals, mobile home park, office, and also to catch mail boxes / credit card thieves..

I tried many times over the years to get the political leaders to let local businesses sponsor them. I was left sitting out side the “then” city managers office and the “then” mayors (several of them) who each never returned my calls.Too busy for citizens.

I have said this for over a decade.

It is still a good idea and now cameras are more affordable.

Of course the city doesn’t involve local business people as partners but let these commercial companies over charge tax payers on the small number of cameras that they have in the city.

Put these camera access and viewings on the internet.

Let the tax payers and citizens and people of Savannah help monitor them. Many would be happy to.

3. Have a special team of prosecutors to take the crimes to trial and get real sentences not plea bargain the gangs, murders and repeat criminals with the masses.

4. No one can tell me about crime and loss I have experienced robberies, break ins, theft, physical attacks, and the murder of my father.

I sat through trials as a child when misconduct in 3 trials by defense attorney prevented real justice.

Arron Karavitch and his daughter.

This preventable tragedy motivates me to fight for clients and their families every day for harms, loses and lives unjustly taken. I have done this for 33+ years.

5. WE need to Work on the cause of crime.

With needed creative education for kids and teens and battles against poverty.

6. The City, County and school board….

Partner with Citizens, plumbers, electricians, doctors, police, lawyers, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, small business owners,… to come to the schools

(not just on law day or career day or the in school business classes or programs for top students…)

Make it a class with daily guest 1 class EVERYDAY to tell about trades, professions, careers.. how to get there and what the jobs are like…

involve citizens show kids real life people…Let kids ask questions and listen to the kids.

Build positive relationships.

“Most kids are good, they just need additional information, education, guidance, leaders, options, answers to their questions and hope.” ~ howard

7. Work on sports not just foot ball or basket ball in the schools not just the few athletes… Everyone cant be a quarter back…

Bring sports kids can practice alone or in pairs or small groups.

I taught martial arts to inter-city kids at the West Broad Street YMCA for several years. My karate kids traveled and competed and won!

“The kids I have trained through martial arts and through our charity ( I have built life long relationships, friendships. I have helped the kids and they have enriched my life.” howard

We need to teach discipline, and pride and … the same training has helped me in life with all challenges.

Like my 2 sons… all my karate kids are now in college or the military or making good grades or gainfully employed . None are in jail. I like to think I played a small role in their lives.

I tried many times to start a martial arts program in the Schools system (karate, boxing, kick boxing, jujitsu, Kung-Fu, Catch Wrestling, self defense). My plan was each time a child reached their teen years and a high enough rank/Belt… they assisted with their school and allowed me to expand to another school…

We would have a monthly assembly of all the kids from all schools on a Saturday to build unity and do belt testing…

my vision was to build the biggest “Good gang” in Savannah.

I received the same zero response and brick wall I met at City hall on cameras and business people helping.

In my opinion, in the past we have had in City hall, Prosecutors office, School board… too many politicians and not enough leaders with courage to lead.