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Hello Friends and List mates:

Most of you know I love to share.

At the Spiva Law Group, we do a lot of community service, Public relations and marketing. We give back through our Charity. 

I believe “a rising tide lifts all ships”, so I wanted to share the success we have had with Crisp Videos.

We love our Crisp Videos. They make our phones ring!

Based on our count last week, just on YOUTUBE alone we have had over 1,181,671 views !!!!

When you add in other social media clicks and views (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)  we probably have had 10 times that many impressions. Yes MILLIONS!

You can check out the videos they made for our Charity and our law firm below.  Most of them are only about 1 minute long and you can see the high quality.

We are honored to be involved with Crisp’s Game Changer and CrispX programs.  I lend Crisp and Michael Mogill my highest personal endorsement.

If you have an interest in talking to Crisp about Video Marketing, please let me help.

Here are ways I can assist you:

  1. VIDEO(S) DISCOUNT:  You will receive $1,000.00 discount just for mentioning my name Howard Spiva / Spiva Law Group / Justice For Children Foundation Inc.

If you are interested, you will receive $1,000 off any Crisp video package!  Just click here:

  1. FREE ONE ON ONE STRATEGY SESSION WITH CRISP: They will spend time learning your goals and identifying opportunities to set your firm apart from the pack and moving your marketing to the next level.Free Consult simply click here:
  2. INTRODUCTION TO MICHAEL MOGILL: Michael is President and CEO of Crisp Video Group. Let me know and I am honored to arrange the introduction to Michael. He is a great guy and he will give you the VIP treatment.
  3. DISCOUNT TO THE CRISP SUMMIT. This year is the 2nd Crisp Summit. Last year was the most exciting marketing and self improvement seminar I have ever attended.  

Set for September 27-28 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Game Changers Summit brings together 1000 of some of the nation’s leading attorneys and other industry experts for a two-day intensive workshop on becoming the best you can be — as an attorney, as a business owner, and as a person.

If you are taking the time to read this I suspect you’re just the kind of committed, innovative attorney that this event was meant for.


$500.00 DISCOUNT: When registering for the Summit simply use the specific promo code for the summit of SPIVA500 which gives you $500 off any ticket. 

By the way, I’d hurry if I were you; there are fewer than 30 tickets available for the Summit as of today. In a room of over 1,000 attorneys, those last 30 are bound to go quickly.

Words cannot describe what a “Game Changing” effect it will have on you and your practice and your life.

You have a chance at winning the Grand Prize which is California Ferrari, an exotic roadster that features a 453-horsepower  engine that reaches 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. 

Yes Michael is insane.  Yes they really give away a car. Our Charity won the Tesla Model X in 2017. An amazing car.

As a disclosure, if you mention my name, our Charity will receive a referral gift that will assist us in buying more helmets and preventing more Traumatic brain injuries). Win Win Win!

We plan to attend the summit in September I hope I get to see some of you there and visit.

Our Crisp Videos

OVER 1.1 Million views on YOUTUBE

Original Law Firm Brand Video- Full length

  1. The Spiva law group      
    2:40 seconds

Brand Video edited to 3 videos

  1. The why. 1 min
  2. The team. 1 min
  3. The testimonial. 1 min

The Spiva Law Group

Making a difference, We will go the Distance    

  1. 6 seconds

  1. 15 seconds

  1. 30 seconds


Client testimonial videos

  1. Real client testimonial #1
    Wrongful death
  2. Real client testimonial #2
    18 wheeler crash
  3. Real client testimonial #3
    Distracted driver
  4. Real client testimonial #4
    Head injury car crash
  5. Real client testimonial #5
    Slip and fall in Kmart Million dollar verdict
  6. Real client testimonial #6
    Elevator malfunction
  7. Real client testimonial #7
    Motorcycle Crash
  8. Real client testimonial’s #8 and #9

Tree case against City- Lost Leg

And Car Wreck serious injury

  1. Real client testimonial #10

Head on Collision Car Wreck

  1. Real client testimonial #11

Truck Wreck  Broken Leg

  1. Real client testimonial #12

Car Wreck- Drunk Driver – Neck & Spine & PTSD


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions: Spiva Law Group Attorneys

  1. Spiva Law Group | Trucking Practice Area

Howard E. Spiva, Sr.

  1. Spiva Law Group | How does health insurance affect my case?

William “Clay Porter, II, Attorney

  1. Spiva Law Group | How do I know if I am fully covered by insurance?  William “Clay Porter, II, Attorney

  1. Spiva Law Group | How is truck driving different than a normal car crash?  Mary Hashemi, Attorney

  1. Spiva Law Group | Why would I have to sue or use my own insurance company?  Mary Hashemi, Attorney

  1. Spiva Law Group | What type of cases do you handle?

Howard “Gene” Spiva II, Attorney

  1. Spiva Law Group | How is truck case different than a regular auto accident?  Howard “Gene” Spiva II, Attorney



Our Charity – The Justice For Children Foundation, Inc.

  1. Brand Video: The Justice for Children Foundation Charity. 
    2:40 seconds
  2. Spiva Law Community Service

  1. The Justice for Children Foundation Charity.  Testimonial – Injury on horse



All Spiva Law Videos

I Hope to see you at the Summit! I wouldn’t miss it for the world,. 

Please feel free to email or call me and let me know if you have any questions.


Your friend

Howard Spiva

A Proud supporter of 
The Justice for Children Foundation
Children’s injuries are no accident 

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