City of Savannah to Appeal on Shanta Greene Lawsuit

So you want to Appeal on Shanta Greene Lawsuit?

You have treated Shanta Greene like a second class citizen for 3 years. You have kicked her to the curb and denied her justice over and over.

Your lawyers told us “we will pay when a jury tells us to”. The jury has spoken and you continue to delay justice.

Have you no honor?

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Play your silly games of delay and waste more taxpayer money. We know the appeal is an effort to make Shanta take less.

You had your chance to settle when we came to you many times for 3 years. All you could do was show disrespect and your hired guns threaten Shanta.

“Good stewards” of the tax payer money would be to end this battle and care for our trees.

We offered you $500,000 to hire your friend Don Gardner back. You turned away $500,000? So you want to keep trying to beat Shanta down.

You have treated Shanta Greene like a second class citizen for 3 years.

“Good stewards” would: (a) hire Don Gardner,(b) reinstate the Master tree Plan, (c)hire a construction inspector, (d) adopt the tree protection act for City Departments, (e) buy insurance…

Sadly, the real big case is the next one.

Go head and Appeal. We have made law in the Supreme Court before and we have no fear.

On an Appeal you will have to:

  1. Post a $12 Million bond
  2. Pay $65,000 month interest = millions on appeal.
  3. Attempt to retry case and give us chance at higher verdict.

(I spoke with jury members, you almost got over $20 million awarded). A bigger award will add millions in pre-judgement interest.

Your politics and your lawyers do not scare Shanta Greene, Louis Anderson nor her legal team.

PS The Mayor said this case was not for “Social media”. Social media is the people, the taxpayers, the citizens, the voters and the juries, welcome to 2013.

Make it a great day!