Every Person Should Believe in Our Constitution

Every person regardless of political party affiliation should believe in our Constitution.

The 7th Amendment is your right to a trial by jury.

A trial allows you to access the civil justice system and hold careless, reckless individuals and corporations accountable when they injure and kill innocent Americans and endanger our children.

As we know all too well, if no one is accountable, no one is safe.

Personal injury fact:

In addition to making things safer, law suits save taxpayers money!

Please keep in mind when we recover for a client and hold the at fault party accountable.

That means the defendant and their insurance company pay the medical bills and future treatment instead of the tax payer or the public having to carry that burden.

If not, the losses could fall on the public…Medicaid, Medicare, ACA, Tri-Care, Campus, Social Security, etc.

The Spiva Law Group is dedicated solely to the representation of injured and families of a lost loved one due to a wrongful death.

Make It A Great Day!!

Howard Spiva

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