Every Time I See Something Is Voted the “Best” I Always Wonder, Well Who Exactly Voted?

I recall I first questioned such claims when I saw “Best Act in Vegas” years ago. I thought …. hmm well who voted ? when was this election? How come I wasn’t included?

Now I see lawyers on TV claiming they were voted “Best in Savannah”.

Well best at what? Settling cases? Client Service? Highest verdict? Best Appeal? Best in Trial? Smartest Legal Briefs? Well written Demand letters?

Who voted? Were any Judges in the elections? Did Insurance adjusters or Defense lawyers get to vote? Court house personnel?…

Or was it just THAT law firms staff voting over and over for themselves?

I just think it is sad that the public in need of real legal help has no idea how to find a competent lawyer skilled in their are of practice.

Some claim they are voted best lawyer. Well by what standards?

Best law firm? Does one lawyer make a firm?

Is a 2 lawyer firm better than a 9 Lawyer firm?

Best commercial. What the hell does that mean? It gets more clients? it is funnier?

I just think it is sad that the public in need of real legal help has no idea how to find a competent lawyer skilled in their area of practice.

Have you noticed in the newspaper announcement and in local magazines that with some local firms, every lawyer in their firm is a “Super” lawyer or a “Rising star”? If everyone is “super” or a “star” so who is someone to choose?

On one that really gets me is the organization of “100 Best Lawyers”. Did anyone tell you if the lawyer simply pays dues, they get a certificate that says that you are one of the 100 best in your city or state? How can the public trust us?

I am concerned that my profession has too many lawyers making outlandish claims. Seems like fraud to me.

That seems to be tricking or in the least confusing the public.Sad really sad.

PS I still want to know how the best comedian act in Vegas is determined. No one asked me!

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