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Consumer Guide to Auto Insurance – Car Accident Lawyer GA

The “Full Coverage” Myth

“I have full coverage insurance”.

As an attorney since 1984 I have heard the above statement countless times. I must confess I have no idea what ”full coverage” means.

The best analogy that I can think of is that someone standing at the buffet in a cafeteria says “I have a full plate”. How can you conclude that your plate is full? It is a small plate? Or a large plate? Is it all vegetables or has a meat entrée or a desert? Is there one layer of food or is it piled on top of different servings?

Just like food on a buffet, insurance coverage is available in different types and amounts.

GA Insurance coverage applies differently based on fact situations.

Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Each state has varied statutory minimum limits. In Georgia, all vehicle owners are required to carry a minimum of $25,000.00 in liability insurance coverage.

The $25,000.00 is the minimum coverage for most states but it varies between $10,000.00 (Florida) and $50,000.00. In Georgia this amount is higher for large trucks ($100,000.00) but varies based if the truck only travels within the state or travels in multistate. Farm vehicles like logging trucks are exempt.

Even types of coverage have variables depending on elections made by you at the original purchase of insurance.

To show how complicated it can be, the leading book in Georgia read by Lawyers on Auto Insurance is over 1100 pages long!

GA Car Accident Lawyer Talks About Insurance

In Georgia if you purchase UM (uninsured and underinsured motorist) your coverage varies on if you selected “traditional” coverage or “add-on” coverage. The coverage varies also based on how much insurance the other driver in a wreck purchased. The priority on which UM applies first, depends on who purchased the coverage, the employer, the person injured, the driver, their spouse, the vehicle’s owner?

Confused yet?

It is my hope and expectation that this client guide will clear this up for you.

Here are the basic types of coverage and what each means…

To be continued.

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