Happy Mothers Day The Poem that wasn’t too late

To Mom:

The poem that wasn’t too late
There are some things that I should say,
Yes now, not some sad and too late day.
The way I’ve chosen to speak at this time,
It’s not a song, a story, but in a rhyme.
You’ve always been there when I need you,
I hope I also can be half as true.
Your love has come not in spurts but a continuous flow,
The caring, kindness and love always seem to grow.
No words can express how strongly I feel,
To me this little poem is a great big deal!
Not many people have experience through all we’ve been,
Through it all you’re still my very best friend.
Many have said you spoiled me rotten,
It’s true, I wore silk when others wore cotton.
You gave me things so I wouldn’t be blue,
But they were in addition to love not in lieu.
I guess most importantly I mean to say,
I love you mom, now, tomorrow and everyday.
I’m glad before it’s way too late,
I told you mom I think you’re great!