Insurance Companies. Lies, Lies and Damn Lies

Insurance Companies TV Ads Are Not True…

  • Are on your side,
  • You are in good hands,
  • you get a piece of the rock…

Flo , the cute little lizards, and the cave man…

In the real world I see these insurance companies and their lawyers hide documents, tell lies and pursue endless delays.

They do this to innocent victims of negligence, including widows and orphans.* The horrible impact it has on people’s lives, they don’t care.

Building Collapse And Falls On Elderly Lady

In a recent case (where a building facade fell on an elderly lady). The defense attorney just asked for a 240 day extension!!! Really?

They want to hire a bunch of experts and spend time taking each other’s expert depositions.

She is 78 years old… why does she have to wait on justice while they play their stupid lawyer games?

This is so multiple insurance companies and law firms can fight about who’s fault it is that the building fell.

Everyone in this case knows the right thing to do is to pay her and then these corporations can spend the next couple years fighting over who is responsible for how much.

They don’t care.

Fork Lift Death Case

In another case, a wrongful death case, we have caught the other side hiding documents.

There are some decent insurance defense lawyers that exist.

However it is my experience that many of them are soul sucking, heartless bastards.

The purpose of a lawsuit is to make the at fault party, who is responsible for an injury or damages, “financially accountable” and not put the burden or costs on the family or the tax payer.

If you have an important decision, choose well.

Make it a great day!

Howard Spiva

* Deuteronomy 10:18 says, “Ensure that orphans and widows receive justice.