Introduction to Howard BY KERRY RANDALL

Howard Spiva is a surprisingly unconventional attorney. His life is drawn of stark contrasts. His accomplishments are without peer, so one might think he had all the advantages of a privileged childhood and an Ivy League education. The truth is far from that.

Howard’s mechanic father was murdered when Howard was only six years old, forcing him to scramble to get through Savannah’s public schools while helping his mother.

Howard worked his way through college and law school by going to night classes while managing a skating center, working as a title examiner, and selling enough real estate to qualify for the Million Dollar Club.

Along the way, he earned his broker’s license, became a certified auto mechanic and earned his pilot’s license.

In Howard’s personal life he has been happily married to Kelly Spiva for 30+ years. His son Gene is a college graduate, Army paratrooper and is in law school. . His step son Clay Porter is an attorney with the Spiva Law Group. Kelly and Howard have 3 great dogs to share their home.

Howard’s dogs go every where with him including the office each day.

Howard wears a Mickey mouse watch, a pony tail and drives a pick up truck.

Howard’s professional accomplishments could fill a book. His law firm has earned numerous record recoveries $10M and verdicts in Georgia, with amounts ranging from $1 million to $12 million. (In one unusual case, a judge awarded Howard’s client $55 million.)

Howard does lots of unique things to win cases. He was the only Savannah lawyer to have a medical doctor and an investigator (with twenty-eight years police experience) on staff. He has used his own mock courtroom to prepare his clients for trials.

He once bought a roller coaster to help win a case.

He keeps an RV, with an office, (The war wagon) so his clients and their families can relax during trials when they are not needed in the courtroom.

“A lawsuit is like a war, and you shouldn’t get caught with your pants down. You look like the winner you are, and you maintain a winning attitude. You need to look more organized to a jury. You need to be prepared, you need to be at the top of your game. One example is our RV, a mobile office, The war wagon. It’s the ultimate convenience for testimony, and you can get real-time support and feedback. You get fresh memories from testimony. It helps us winning att trial with technology. You look more professional. We broadcast the message that “we came to win”. When we pull up in our War Wagon we broadcast the message that “we are prepared to fight”. Defendants, insurance companies, witnesses, judges, and the jury all hear that “we came to win” message. I believe as in life, Attitudes win cases. Live over the top. Go the extra mile. Let the world know that you are committed, what you’re committed to, to win consistently in every game you play. You must take a big bite out of life, with six tons of comfort and convenience and technology. The War wagon bites hard.” ~ Howard Spiva

His firm until recently had a twin engine plane for assisting in their travels.

Howard has been invited by trial and bar associations more than one hundred times to present his unique and effective methods for winning cases.

Howard’s non-traditional approach to life and the practice of law has earned the recognition and respect of lawyers throughout the country. Howard’s legal accomplishments were recognized by other law firms when he was awarded an “AV”, the highest nationwide rating for legal ability and professional ethics.

Howard is a member of the Board of Governors of the Southern Trial Lawyers Association, life member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, past President of the Savannah Trial Lawyers Association, and a founding member of the Georgia Consumer Justice Foundation.

Additionally, Howard is a member of the Melvin Belli Society (by invitation only), and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, with only 35 members in Georgia.

How did Howard accomplish all this by the time he was forty, with energy and passion, lots of passion. To be around Howard is to be infected with passion and consumed by boundless energy.

Want to spend a day with Howard? Plan to meet him by 5:00 AM, not for breakfast. You won’t see him slow down until after midnight. (It’s no wonder people sometimes call him “Superman.”)

Howard works hard and plays hard. He loves flying private planes and experimental aircraft. His other “leisure” activities include racing watercraft, scuba diving, karate, jujitsu, boxing and kickboxing.

For over three years he hosted his own talk radio show, “Never Settle for Less”. He enjoys bringing a positive message to the world.

Howard’s former television commercials say there is “a lot of stuff he doesn’t know anything about”… but serious personal injury is something he knows, and knows well.

Howard’s firm focuses on people with serious/catastrophic, personal injuries, wrongful death cases, brain injuries, and children’s injuries.

When asked if he is “Super Lawyer,” Howard chuckled, “Kryptonite is one of my favorite foods — I love it on popcorn.”

After a full day with Howard, I have to believe him.