Martial Arts Training in the Public School System.

Howard Spiva
23 hrs ·

Hello Super City and School Leaders!

I request an opportunity to bring a program never before seen in any American school system. You will see amazing results the first year.

Allow me to organize martial arts training in the public school system. It needs to start in the lower and middle schools.

Kids seek this discipline and skill. They want structure in their lives.

They can go to local and state wide tournaments to face challenges and learn pride and sportsmanship. I have taken many kids who have won 100s of trophies.

My karate kids don’t get in school fights or street fights. They know better.

  1. Because they don’t want to be suspended from karate
  2. They don’t have to prove how tough they are.

They learn to use their skills only in self defense or defense of others.

“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it. ” ~Charlotte Whitton

Their behavior and grades improve while in martial arts.

The students who I have taught at the WBS YMCA prove the results. Ask their parents.

We take away trophies at every competition. One of our green belts was so skilled at jujitsu, other schools would only let their black belts grapple with him. The dedication of at risk children is unparalleled. We had one student walk several miles each way to class each night.

I am proud of every single student we have trained.

These kids focus their energies to developing high level skills. They will carry these abilities for the rest of their life in meeting any challenge life brings. They will also have a skill they can use to teach in a part time or full time job and earn money. Teach karate is great side job while in college.

They stay fit and healthy and burn off stress.

School team sports are great but there are not enough teams for ALL school students. Everyone can’t be the quarterback. Martial arts teaches them to develop their individual skills.

Martial arts teach Confidence, Discipline, Fun, Growth, Health, Maturity, Positive Attitude, Responsibility, Strength, Success.

As the kids mature and rise through the belts/ranks they can act as assistant instructors and coaches so we can grow to other schools.

Our TAI program allows the student to learn what works for their body type and any physical limitations. We incorporate Karate, kick boxing, grappling, jujitsu, boxing and wrestling. SO any child, tall , thin, over weight… they all can improve.

“Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” ― Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

The students learn to NOT injury their training partners. If you hurt your “opponent” you have no one to train with.

As the program grows through out the school system you will see a “Good Gang” develop and they will encourage and support each other. You will see peer pressure to do good. Refreshing?

The funding would not require much money. Insurance for any minor sprains and bruising that happens in all sports. Some compensation for the adults who help train and supervise the program (they will be missing their commercial classes).

I can recruit the best instructors in Savannah, including former and current police officers.

I have been training with Master Michael Robbins since 1977. Ask any police officer who has ever attended the police academy. Mr Robbins is the real deal.

For tournaments and travel and hotel and food, (and their Gi / clothes and equipment) the kids (as mine have done) will work in car washes and yard sales to raise the funds. = More lessons learned there.

Often times business help sponsor as well.

The Spiva Law Group will donate and so will many of local businesses that have helped us in the WBS YMCA program.

I have successful productive student (now in college and the military, now making good grades in school) to prove that this is no theory.

Martial arts is not learned fighting… it teaches that you don’t always have to have to fight.

When may I meet with the City and the School Board?

Thank you.
Make It A Great Day!!