Outraged in America

by: Howard Spiva


I was watching TV when a editorial came on the station. I found myself becoming outraged as they told about over 800 IRS agents been hired back after they had been fired for fraud and theft and other misconduct, including threatening audits to blackmail people.


The next morning I was contacted by a south Carolina bank who basically “broke up” with me by email. They treated me like a homeless hobo even though I’ve done business with them for decades.

It’s interesting that the lending institutions imploded from their own practices and conduct and blame customers.

Many banks got bail outs. Yet many of us who did nothing wrong we didn’t Lie, cheat, steal, Nevertheless we the people became the kicking post of some banks (not all but some).

I have been blessed and have recovered, however many people will never recover.

Shouldn’t everyone be outraged?


I went to the airport and was outraged as my wife had to go through two very invasive searches after she’d already gone through the metal detector simply because she had a Chap-stick in her pocket and then immediately had to have another search because they found a water bottle in her carry-on.

A carry on which is in TSA’s possession.

She had already gone through the metal detector and had a complete, and I might add, inappropriate touching, search less than 90 seconds before.

Nothing had been hidden in her jeans in the 1.5 minute lapse in time.

When I questioned the ridiculousness of it, well I was threatened. I was outraged.

Google tells me that the TSA have never captured a single terrorist with anything distructive on them, yet hundreds of them/TSA agents have gone to jail for illegal conduct.

It’s the worlds largest police force and they seem to be pretty useless, rude, arrogant and behave like a bunch of school patrol guards. Give someone a little authority… outrageous?

Profits Over Safety in Trucking

Every day as a attorney I see and deal with injustices.

Sadly in the trucking industry there are many fly-by-night companies putting unsafe equipment on the road. Logging trucks and dump trucks seem to be the worse.

And as result people are catastrophically injured or killed, needlessly and preventable!

At the same time the legislature has not increased minimum coverage for trucks in over 30 years!

This is outrageous?

Anger Is Everywhere

Every day on social media and the news we see people that are outraged because of monuments/statues and other people who are outraged by those people.

Other people outraged over the name of a bridge or flag, some to change, some don’t want change.

And yet other people are outraged because those folks are outraged.


Do I need to even mention the outrage in politics? 1/2 of America hates the other 1/2.

Drug Manufactures

As I watch pharmaceutical commercials I feel that I need to be outraged by the horrible poisoning effects of the drugs … which they use a kinder word instead of poison (which it is) its called “side effects”.

Prescription drugs (legal drugs) now lead the country on overdose deaths.

Processed Foods

Food manufacturers intentionally put extra salt and sugar and fats in food to keep people addicted.

Just as the tobacco industry had put extra nicotine in cigarettes. Profits.

These unhealthy lifestyles in America are the number one killer’s.

Salt is the leader in deaths world wide… it causes strokes and the processed foods also cause heart attacks and cancers.

All in the name of profits.

Profits over safety.


The way the government poisoned our military with agent orange. Outrageous!


The government seems to throw away the veterans and deny deserved income and medical benefits for decades until the veteran or their beneficiaries die off.

Endless Outrage

With all the things going on in America a blog about outrage could be endless.

So the word of the day in America is outrage.

I’m positive that someone somewhere will be outraged by this blog.

Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain…and the beat goes on…

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Make it a great day!