Spiva Lawyer Marketing And Public Relation Tips

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One idea that we use at our law firm is 100% in line with what all marketing companies suggest, build relationships and keep top of the mind awareness (TOMA); is through a company called Send Out Cards. You may want to share this idea with your office manager.

SendOutCards | It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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We have replaced many of our basic “new caller” and “client letters” with color picture greeting cards. It costs less than letter head and office envelopes.

This can be automated and yet still look very personal and professional. I have built “templates” for cards that I will happily share with any of you. (examples include: referrals letters, thank you for referrals, thank you for calling, happy birthday, reminders to clients).

I Love this!!!

Please send yourself a card for free to try it out…. I do it all on-line from anywhere, in about 1 minute.

I send cards like this to all my clients. These are NOT emails.

They are nice thick glossy, color cards sent in the US postal service.

Simply, I “out source” greeting cards to Utah.

They are lower costs than a store bought cards (Card store’s standard cards are $2 to $3) and this has a personal touch.

There is an on-line calendar to remind me or automatically send a predetermined card on a birthday, anniversary or special occasion.

I will never forget a special occasion again!

I can send a 2 panel card, a 3 panel card or just a post card.

The card can easily replace newsletters, because of how much information a 3 panel card will hold.

A card can remind clients of their appointments, or just thank them.

We send a card to all new callers. I send them to doctors and others thanking them.

1 card or 500 Holiday cards to all of my clients can go at the touch of a button.

Each card has the client’s name in the card – custom look.

You can take a photo of them using your phone. Or visit their web page or social media /Face book and easily add their photo or loved one or puppy…

You can send a small post card or a giant card. It will type in YOUR hand writing.

At a click of your mouse you can send a gift card or many gifts to chose from. We love their brownies.

It saves all your addresses in lists forever; and it verifies addresses and zip codes to see if they are valid. No more driving to the store, picking out cards, labeling, stuffing envelopes and applying postage. No stacks of left over cards.

The company prints the card, stuffs the envelope and adds a postage stamp. A standard card is only about $1 each! (some I think are less than 70 cents) Post cards as low as 33 cents. Postage is extra and if you add custom pictures and do a 2 or 3 panel…

No more driving to the store for a card or using a high paid staff’s time.

Also at a click of a button I can attach a restaurant gift card or a gift of my choosing.

The company then pays our Charity 5% + of all cards sent. This in turn, puts FREE helmets on kids heads!

It’s cool! Check it out.

These folks may just save the US Postal Service! Use this tip in good health!

Make it a great day!

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Howard Spiva