Shanta Greene vs City of Savannah

In the News Around Savannah:

Here is one testimonial that we are extra proud of:


Shanta: These are not my lawyers anymore, this is my family.

I have grown to love these people, 3 years almost every day with them.

Pushing and pushing, these guys pushed and pushed. These guys told me every day “we are not giving up on you”.

Even when I felt like we can’t take on the City, we probably sent a message, but I didn’t believe we could take it on, but I know my team believed because they pushed every day.

They worked hard hours, weekends. I use to say I’m at home and y’all out working on the weekend and I am just so thankful for them and everybody else that helped at Spiva Law Group. Those guys are great.

And if you need a lawyer to represent you Spiva Law Firm is the best, Howard and Clay and the rest of the team, THEY WILL GET THE JOB DONE!