Spiva Law Firm Announces Super Bowl Contest Winners

Hello Friends !

our contest “to post when you see a Spiva Law Group commercial on Super Bowl Sunday”….was such a success!

1000s of people interacted.  And over 600 people competed!

It took ConsultWebs 2 days to count all the entries.

The top 3 winners are: 

1st   $300  Joni Love

2nd  $200 Lucinda Doyle Shultz

3rd  $100 Terri Painter

Because 4th place was so close we are also awarding a 4th place at $50  Sharon Creel

Honorable mentions for participating and getting to the finals:

  • Patrick Welch
  • Connie Kniphfer Jiran
  • Johnny Watkins
  • Aimee Beretta Barras
  • Dennis Kesler
  • Sibyl Finnegan
  • Katie Williams
  • Kip Lee
  • Steve Todd
  • Tom Reeder
  • Miriam Munn
  • Chanda Millard
  • Deborah Padilla
  • Judy Kent
  • Rebecca Nolting-Bond
  • Mike Fields
  • Joyce McAllister
  • David Morales
  • Deborah Padilla
  • Jessica Matthews


Super Bowl Sunday Contest

our law firm had 17+ commercials playing all day on WTOC in Savannah!

To win you Comment on our Facebook page and let us know the time you saw the commercial and what the topic was. Example: “The Spiva Law Group commercial was at 6:30PM and was about car accidents.” Easy!

You get one point every time you submit an answer. You get FIVE points if you are the first person to respond! (You can only receive points once for each commercial***)

The people with the most points will win a prize!

#superbowl2019 #spivasuperbowl