Here Is a Story About Mr. E. – When There Is Little or No Insurance?

One year in hospital and nursing home.

Here is a story about Mr. E.

On July 31, 2014….

On the way home … Mr E was riding in the bed of his friend’s pickup truck. It was on a rural Georgia road, after a long day at work.

The truck started to have some mechanical problems and was going fairly slow on the highway.

A young lady was driving behind them and was apparently texting, was also apparently intoxicated on marijuana and she ran into the back of the pickup truck on the highway.

Mr E was seriously and catastrophically injured in that crash.

He was life flighted to the hospital and he ended up being a quadriplegic as a result of the crash.

He was in the hospital for a very long time, living as a quadriplegic.

It was a very difficult time for the family.

Unfortunately, the young lady that ran into him had minimal policy limits of only $25,000.00 and the vehicle that he was riding in had no under insured or uninsured motorist coverage.

This was much less than the high medical bills that mounted over the next year.

Mr E did not own a vehicle and no member of his household owned any vehicles, so there was no further UM or UIM coverage to be had.

So the only money that was available to Eugene was either the twenty-five thousand dollar liability insurance or, if the defendant had any assets, to sue the defendant. She was a young woman of only about nineteen years old.

She had lived with her mother in a trailer and they didn’t have any assets.

Again medical bills far exceeded the insurance. There is no way to value his harms and losses.

The insurance company claimed he was negligent for being in the truck and that the driver was going too slow. We told them we were gong to go the distance no matter how small the insurance.

They caved in. So, we ended up obtaining the twenty-five thousand dollars for the family.

Many law firms would have taken a 40% fee and costs and paid the rest to medical providers. Leaving Mr E or his family or his estate with unpaid medical bills.

We negotiated the medical bills to zero.

We declined to take any fees on the case because of the tragic situation.

After over a year in the hospital and nursing home…Sadly Mr E passed away.

Any recovery then belonged to his elderly wife and adult children.

We obtained the insurance, got the medicals bills and liens waived and the money was given directly to Mrs. E, his wife.

There are 2 claims (1) wrongful death claim and 2) Estate Claim.

Mrs E was the person who was entitled to money under the wrongful death statute.

The children (good children) agreed and waived their right to any monies. They let it all go to the mother.

We waived ten thousand dollars in attorney fees and our costs on that case.

We did a lot of work on it because Eugene was alive for about a year and we were dealing with issues regarding his care and we spent a lot of time with his oldest son, to try to help him and the family through the tragedy.

In the end there was so little money available that we just did not take any fee. Mom received the entire $25,000.00

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