Trial Lawyers Ambulance Chasers or Champions?

Recently an outspoken person expressed disdain toward me because I posted a blog that I had written a couple of years ago where I was criticizing inadequate insurance requirements by the legislature in Georgia and companies that were lacking safety standards within the trucking industry.

He called me many names in anger from “ambulance chaser” to slug to slime and other provoking personal attacks.

He said I made a living off the tears of others.

At first I was angry and thought of challenging him to a boxing match for the words he used.

Then I pondered this attack against me and trial lawyers.

Are lawsuits blood money?

Perhaps there was more behind his anger? I wonder was he also mad at others?

The investigators and reconstruction experts and attorneys working for the trucking companies who show up sometimes within minutes or hours of the wreck or injuries or deaths

Are the disrespectful?

Are they scum of the earth? Should we have special jokes ridiculing them? Should they be hated?

The newspaper and tv and radio people who tell is of these tragedies, are they to be ashamed?

Friends and family who post the event on face book. Do they violate the standard of decency?

The police office who gets paid to go to the scene to investigate and control the traffic. Should he or she be called names?

The ENTs and first responders, are they blood suckers?

The doctors and nurses in the emergency and operating rooms should they reject the money for their services to victims they treat?

Insurance companies that not only make money from people who want to be protected but deny to pay for full justice to these injured people.., should those agents and adjusters and their lawyers all be cursed out and called slugs?

The hard working courtroom staff, deputies, clerks, judges are they low lifes?

Jurors who serve their community sitting on injury cases, are they patriots or bastards?

Why is it that all these fine people including the attorney who defends the corporate insurance companies, who earn money from theses victims…

Escape ridicule and name calling and hatred …Why is it that only the plaintiff’ attorney, the victim’s lawyer receives these attacks of characters?

Shouldn’t we wonder who is behind the propaganda that puts the lawyer for one side of the case under attack?

Everyone if those jobs and profession are paid and they should be.

No one questions that the doctor should be paid for medical treatment and making the injured person have a better future.

Who would deny the funeral home being paid for burial?

Everyone is good with them being paid by health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, workers compensation, med pay, group health, champus, tricare.

It is acceptable to pay the victim with private disability insurance or social security.

However as I have learned it is somehow shameful to file a lawsuit and collect liability insurance for the victim or their families ?

So why people and companies pay premiums for liability insurance? Just so the insurance companies can keep the money?

Shouldn’t we wonder where this attitude comes from?

Maybe insurance companies invent terms like “law suit lotteries”.

If a lawsuit is a lottery, sadly my clients pay a steep price for the ticket.

I would like to distinguish my role from all the other services and professionals I mentioned. All of them are paid and take money from my client. They are paid regardless of the outcome.

My team and I go out and fight to get money for our client. If we don’t win I am not paid. My staff is paid by me even if I am not.

In addition the costs I risk in the fight are not recovered if I don’t win for my client.

I believe the purpose of a lawsuit is to hold the at fault party accountable and not put the costs and the burden on the public or the injured person and their family. Personal Responsibility.

Go ahead call me names.

I fight for children
I fight for families and widows
I speak for those who can’t speak for themselves
I stand against giants
I seek and ask for justice from judges and juries
I am a trial lawyer
I am proud to be an attorney
Howard Spiva.