Hire the Right Lawyer with Confidence

Hire The Right Lawyer With Confidence!

There are so many things that a lawyer must be able to do. This practical legal guide will help you hire an experienced lawyer who Does It Best!

A lawsuit is like a war and many attorneys and law firms don’t have the skill or legal services to negotiate a proper settlement… or the money or law practice trial experience to recover for you in a court of law.

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This practical guide starts out with 21 questions that quickly qualify any attorney.

The answers you receive to these questions will disclose the depth of a lawyers legal education, the specialties provided by their law practice, and the quality of their legal services.

If you hire the wrong lawyer, your recovery for personal injury is going to decrease by tenfold. If you hire the wrong lawyer, the opposing counsel for the insurance company will treat your personal injury claim like it’s a joke.

If it’s a criminal law case and your attorney does not have specific law specialties expertise, you may be an innocent person that ends up going to jail. If you are going through a divorce and you’ve hired the wrong lawyer, your spouse may get primary custody or the bulk of your assets.

If you go to court with the wrong business law or intellectual property lawyer, you will most likely LOSE and get absolutely NOTHING. You may also be forced to pay for the other person’s legal services — OR WORSE!

If you are purchasing real estate and you’ve hired the wrong lawyer you may not get the right title insurance, the right disclosures, or the right surveys done.

If you’ve got a worker’s compensation claim, you might not get all of your benefits or your full disability. If it’s a social security claim, you may not get all of your past benefits.

There are so many crucial subjects and things that you must know in order to make sure you’re hiring the right lawyer. Without knowing the right questions to ask, you will only get as much justice as you can afford.

Here is what this practical guide does for you: It spells out Twenty-One Of The Right Questions!

It teaches you to ask the hard questions and get ALL of the answers you will need to make an informed, knowledgeable decision — and hire the right lawyer with confidence.

This book pulls no punches!

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Learn who wins in settlements, courtrooms, and jury trials… who loses — And Why!

“Winning Your Case” is a quick read that gets right to the point with powerful knowledge and useful insight from one of the most respected and highly endorsed trial lawyers in the country.

The 21 “Must Ask” Questions provide an immediately useful tool to gauge professional competence prior to engaging a lawyer for legal representation.

If your situation requires you to hire a lawyer — You Need This Book!

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