Safe Driving Tips: How to Drive Next to Trucks On the Road

Accidents involving heavy trucks, 18-wheelers, and other large commercial vehicles are particularly devastating. This is because trucks can be up to 30 times heavier than the average passenger vehicle, making collisions more serious and often deadly.

While even the safest driver cannot avoid every accident, there are some steps all drivers can take to prevent collisions with these huge vehicles.

Truck Visibility

Every vehicle has its blind spots, but trucks’ are much larger than a normal car’s. These areas, called no-zones, include the sides of the truck, behind the truck, and directly in front of the truck. Be careful when driving in these areas, because the driver likely cannot see you.

Always stay aware of when a driver can see you and when they can’t. Never tailgate a truck, and give them space. Trucks tend to need 20-40% more room to slow down because of their massive weight. Cutting right in front of a truck may not give the truck enough space to reduce speed. In general, try to respect the difficulty the driver has in seeing you, as well as speeding up and slowing down to accommodate you.

Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

Trucks take more space to turn and have less visibility when changing lanes. Remain aware of what the truck is doing at all times. Trucks can also struggle with inclement weather, so if the weather is bad, keep your distance. Give them even more space and respect than usual. Trucks tend to be slower, so be patient and wait until it’s safe to pass.

Safe Driving Tips

Beyond how you navigate around big trucks, there is plenty you can do to help keep yourself and others safe. To begin with, put on your seat belt and make sure everyone else in the car does the same.

You can also significantly reduce the risk of any accident by never driving under the influence or alcohol or drugs and avoiding driving while fatigued. Both of these situations increase the likelihood of an accident because they reduce your ability to drive responsibly and with complete control.

Finally, avoid distractions while on the road. It’s easy to assume sending one quick text won’t hurt anyone, but the number of distracted driving accidents in the country suggests otherwise. Avoid texting, talking on the phone, playing with an unrestrained pet, changing the music, eating, or any other activity that takes your attention away from the road.

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